Wizebulk for ship Owners & Operators

Streamline your operations & provide your customers with an enjoyable experience

We design and build all-in-one, fully integrated systems to streamline your freight management and facilitate data sharing through powerful and well-structured APIs.
Digital transition

Make your customer experience more digital & collaborative

Transform email & paper-based interactions into a modern, interactive digital experience.

• Streamline your operational processes
with better access to data and online funnels to interact seamlessly with customers.

• Build customer loyalty
through data transparency and visibility.
A centralized & actionable data hub

Increase your operational efficiency

• Centralize all your data in one place to gain powerful business and operational insights.

•  Increase your operational efficiency
with all key information available in one place (C/P key terms, shipment status, vessel position, ETAs, invoices, etc.).

• Get KPIs and customized reports
in 2 clicks.

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