Wizebulk for Charterers

Simple & transparent freight management for charterers

We design and build all-in-one, fully integrated tools to streamline your freight management with clear interfaces and powerful APIs.

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Game changing collaboration

Transparency & trust

Transparency drives supply chain optimization and builds trust to address industry game-changer issues.

• Track all your cargo lifting operations in real time (preparation status,  ETAs, vessel position, etc.).

• Easily access your key documents, at all times (C/P key terms,  contract options, invoices, etc.).

• Monitor all key KPIs and get customized reports in 2 clicks.

Save time for what matters


Information can be validated and accessed instantly & 24/7.

Data is easy to find and available 24/7, so you never have to ask for it.

Drastically reduce back and forth emails with the use of interactive digital workflows for key interactions (laycan declaration and narrowing, ports confirmation, vessel acceptance, etc.).

• Receive automated alerts and notifications when action is needed on your side

Easier communication & knowledge sharing

More secure

Data is safe and secure, with less chance of human error.

• Improve knowledge sharing across departments
with centralized and easy-to-find data.

Reduce the chance for mistakes or misunderstandings with automated online workflows to consolidate information from all key documents.

Integrate the solution with current  email systems to enhance (rather than replace) existing processes.

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