Dry bulk shipping.
Made simple.

We are a tech company thats helps freight management become more collaborative, transparent, and overall more efficient.
New generation tools

Smart technologies to take dry bulk shipping to the next level

Wizebulk brings a new generation of digital platforms to the industry, with state-of-the-art architecture and advanced data models.

Our main objective is to provide charterers, agents, brokers, and ship owners/operators with end-to-end transparency on freight management data to unlock significant business potential and make day-to-day operations easier for everyone!
Plug and play APIs

Modern APIs connected to your legacy industry softwares

At Wizebulk, the technologies we work with are designed to be modular: we are able to integrate data from various external solutions into a unique data model, specifically designed to meet the complexities and constraints of the industry.

Work with Wizebulk to level up your technical stack and build a smart layer that complements your current software infrastructure. Our solution will leverage your data, structure it effectively, and unlock new digitalization potential for your business.
The best of tech & shipping, all in one place

An alliance of tech & industry expertise to power your business

We bring the best possible combination of shipping industry know-how and deep technical expertise. Our team is made up of experienced talents who designed, built and efficiently scaled complex solutions over millions of users.

With powerful integration capabilities to the key platforms and softwares in use today, we are building the future of digital solutions.

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